Cultural Project Program

Project support is available to not-for-profit arts, cultural and heritage groups to provide financial assistance for a project that takes place at a CMHC-Granville Island cultural facility (Performance Works, Waterfront Theatre, Studio 1398) or Island public space. The program is designed to provide support to projects that complement the dynamic cultural community that continues to evolve and grow on Granville Island.

The Application form may be downloaded HERE
Submit your application to:

The Cultural Projects Program c/o
The Granville Island Cultural Society
101 -1398 Cartwright St.
Vancouver, B.C. V6H 3R8

phone 604-687-3005 | fax 604-689-0006

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  1. Applicants must be an incorporated not-for-profit society (special exceptions may be made for new groups operating as a not-for-profit society but not yet incorporated, or cultural groups working as collectives or co-ops).
  2. Project must take place at a CMHC-Granville Island cultural facility (Performance Works or Waterfront Theatre) or Island public space.
  3. Projects must not depend on Project support for their execution. Projects will be awarded assistance only when a confirmed booking of space has been made.
  4. Applicants may apply year-round. Available funds at any given point in the year are dependent on applications received and already allocated. Amounts awarded range from $500-$5,000 (maximum).
  5. Priority consideration will be given to projects falling in Granville Island’s winter and early spring months (Dec/Jan/Feb/Mar).
  6. It is possible for not-for-profit groups to receive Project support more than once in CMHC’s fiscal year (April 1- March 31) but only to an accumulated maximum of $5,000.
  7. Groups that receive funds from CMHC-Granville Island through the Cultural Partners Program are not eligible for Project support unless the proposed project is outside of the scope of the programming activity for which they are already receiving funds from CMHC.
  8. Projects of a strictly fundraising nature will not be considered under this program.
  9. Performances/events must abide by the City of Vancouver noise bylaws.
  10. Performance/event organizers are responsible for providing, setting up and striking all required materials, props, tents etc.
  11. Performances/events may occur only in the location and time designated in the written approval notice.
  12. GICS reserves the right to modify these guidelines at any time.

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All applications will be assessed in terms of excellence, organizational merit and level of community/public impact. Specific assessment areas include:

  1. Demonstration of unique features/qualities (dynamic, special or new project that complements or enhances Granville Island Cultural Programming)
  2. Ability of group to execute project
  3. Presentation of a marketing and promotional strategy that benefits Granville Island’s cultural profile
  4. Event accessibility to the public
  5. Demonstrated need
  6. Demonstrated support or involvement from other cultural partners and/or Granville Island businesses
  7. Quality of the application and support materials

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Projects are evaluated by a jury using the assessment criteria provided in this document.

Final approval for project assistance is given by CMHC-GRANVILLE ISLAND.
Notification is given within six (6) weeks from date of receipt of application and support materials.