Who We Are

The Granville Island Cultural Society (GICS) is a non-profit society founded in 2001 having as its mission to manage, oversee and support such cultural facilities and programs as may be effective for the advancement of arts and culture on Granville Island.

What We Do

GICS manages three of CMHC-Granville Island’s premier performance venues, the Waterfront Theatre, Performance Works and Studio 1398. GICS also provides support for – and participates in – the direction of Granville Island’s extensive cultural programming, including management of the Granville Island Busker Program, coordination of the outdoor public spaces and special event support.

Board Of Directors

Chair:  Paul Grant
Recording Secretary:  Ken Tunnicliffe
Members at Large:

  • Pernilla Ahrnstedt
  • Kevin Head
  • Alice Niwinski
  • Mary Ungerleider

Past Chair:  Alma Lee
Director Emeritus:  Bill Millerd

Founding Board Of Directors

Gloria Loree, Bill Millerd, David Doig, Ken Tunnicliffe, Mike Young
Founding Executive Director: Jan Carley